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Children and Adolescents

When it comes to our children, adolescents and young adults, everything becomes a priority. However, sometimes it is difficult to let them know or to pass the message the way we mean. As parents, our role is to protect them, teach them and prepare them for life. As children, they also have their own priorities, challenges and conflicts. Through individual or family therapy, parents and children have the opportunity and resources to succeed and accomplish their goals. For therapy, a minor requires a written consent from their parent(s) or legal guardian.

How do I know they need help, knowing that they rarely ask for it?

If an attitude/behavior, a thought or feeling is causing conflict for them or for the others.

If the conflict is very frequent, intense or last for a great amount of time, at the point that the impairment of daily activities is evident.

Considering the above, please be alert when they make comments or do things such as:

"Nobody understands me"

"I feel I would be better if I were dead"

"I cannot say what is going on with me" or they are just simply sad/depressed most of the time.

When they are anxious, nervous, avoid normal situations or ask many questions with content related to fears, phobias, etc.

When they are irritable or aggressive.

When they are using drugs or there is a sign of gang involvement.

When they have passed through a significant loss and seem not to overcome it.

When they have threatened to runaway or they have done it.

It is important to use therapy as a way to increase self-knowledge and not to "fix" a problem or a person.

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