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Couples and Family Therapy

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Consider attending Couples and/or Family Therapy when you are looking for assistance with any issues in your family or with your child or adolescent either at home or school. Examples of most common criteria to consider therapy:

"My son/daughter is out of control".

"My family doesn’t understand what is going on with me".

"I cannot make my family (or my couple) listen to me".

"I have tried practically everything, and things are the same in my family".

"I don’t know how to deal with…" (…see the list of areas addressed in therapy below. Examples: I don’t know what to do with his/her absence, with this illness, etc.)

Couples and family therapy can be provided to

Individuals affected by a termination/beginning of a relationship or by any other relational challenges

Couples of any type

Families of any type, such as, family of origin, extended, culturally divergent, remarried, blended, etc.


Examples of areas addressed in couples and family therapy:

Marital and Family Development

Parenting and Communication

Family Transitions, such as, leaving home, forming a family, families with children, families in later life, etc.

Separation and Divorce

Grief and Bereavement in families resulting from any loss or transition, such as, illness, death, job loss, or retirement.

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