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Other Services

Individual Therapy for Adults Click here to schedule your appointment
Clinical Hypnotherapy Contact me or write your questions here
Clinical Supervision for Therapists (MFT & MHC Registered Interns) Questions

Conferences/Courses on different topics

Personal Growth, Leadership, Supervision, Coping Skills, Stress Management, Relaxation Techniques, Dealing with losses, Abuse, Adolescence, Parenting, Suicide, Mental Health, and more…

Workshops designed for companies and Institutions

Different topics related to work, school or academic environment (Leadership, motivation, moral, supervision, and more…)

Linking you and your family to Community Resources

If for some reason you contact me and we decide my services are not for you, I will guide you to take the next step in your search for personal growth, such as, referrals to other services or professionals.

Personal Growth and Development Program

This program will be adjusted to the need of your company or institution.

Movie Time and Discussion

This activity can be part of your goals of motivation or entertainment in your Company, Institution or Group. After the movie there is an open discussion. Contact me to choose the topic according to your objectives.